Mouron & Co. was proud to be a part of such a wonderful project. As a local and family-owned custom stainless fabrication company, Mouron Stainless teamed up with Prestige Custom Food Trucks in building the IPS BUS STOP CAFE.

Steven Gudorf, Foodservice Operations Manager for IPS said,

“In addition to being a great marketing tool for the IPS Foodservice Department and for the entire district, its presence has brought much joy and delight to the thousands of students it has served. We were able to begin our adventure with the last two weeks of the Summer Foodservice before the school year began. We have taken the Food Bus to at least 10 schools and served lunch from it for the entire student bodies and school staffs – from 300 to more than 600. We mostly visited elementary schools, but Shortridge High School also requested the Food Bus and it was a hit there as well. We served more 1,100 students during the Fall Break Service by taking the Food Bus to three stops daily – a large, multi-ethnic apartment complex, a community center, and a public library. On November 4, the Food Bus was present downtown at the Monumental Marathon to serve food and drinks to the participating IPS students, their parents, teachers, and volunteers – nearly 700 served.”

This project has been an honor and a privilege to all of the Moroun Co. family and we extend our ‘THANKS’ in return to all the people who helped make the IPS Food Bus Cafe a tremendous success. We look forward to more building more Food Bus’ in the future!